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Process management – strategic implementation of complex issues

Company processes are mainly a matter of business vision. Business process management is more than just documentation of existing processes. Many factors and stakeholders have to be taken into account for sustainable optimisation.

Our customers have excellent experience with aligning processes and process outputs to company goals while consistently integrating stakeholder interests.

As process experts, we have made this vision our own.

Sustainably managing processes better independently

We empower organisations to manage their processes better.

For this, we create the right environment for our customers, taking into account the relevant success factors.

We understand “empowering” to mean giving our customers everything they need to independently and sustainably improve their processes.

We also advise, train and support them from planning to implementation.


In broad terms, our consulting approach consists of employing our expertise, our practically proven methods and our widely used viflow process management tool to achieve effective process management.

Our customers utilise this method to solve their process tasks. The modular structure of our consulting portfolio and our viflow software enables a tailored, project-specific action plan focusing on the essential elements and coordinated with our customers.

Change begins with understanding

Projects and processes are human activities. This means they always have emotional components that must be taken into account at various levels in the organisation.

Our projects focus strongly on acceptance of changes and adherence to goals. Decisions are taken and communicated jointly, transparently and understandably with our customers. Integrating people into the content and methodology and personally empowering them for these activities are core elements of our consulting activities.

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