ViCon is viflow. And more.

As a software and consulting company, ViCon GmbH offers simple solutions for effective process management in companies of any industry and size. Founded in Hanover in 1998, the process specialists are now internationally successful with numerous qualified partners and customers.

In 2000, the first licenses of the viflow software solution for fast and easy modeling, analysis and optimization of company processes were deployed.

In the meantime, viflow has become one of the most successful business process management tools on the market.

ViCon's employees are highly motivated and committed to viflow and customer concerns on a daily basis.


Stefan Wolter, Manager of the ViCon GmbH

Stefan Wolter

Since the foundation of the company in 1998, our managing director Stefan has held the helm firmly in his hands and with his level-headed manner has kept the ViCon ship – regardless of the weather – very successfully on course.

Matthias Heins, Sales and Partner-Management at the ViCon GmbH

Matthias Heins

As sales manager and partner manager, Matthias always has at least one ear to our customers and partners. Always calm and collected, he and his team ensure that our customers are well looked after before and after purchasing our products and that our sales partners are always up to date.

Stefan Becker, Head of Consulting Services at the ViCon GmbH

Stefan Becker

Stefan is head of the "Consulting Services" department and always conveys even demanding issues clearly and with a smile. His motivating and positive charisma is contagious, not only with our customers, but also among his colleagues.

Lisa Piepenburg, Office Management at the ViCon GmbH

Lisa Piepenburg

As office manager, Lisa is responsible for quite a lot. In addition to seminar planning, she is the first port of call for licensing issues, deliveries and accounting, and part-time the good soul of the office, who always has a sympathetic ear and a few kind words to spare.

Michael Meinhardt, Product- and Support Management at the ViCon GmbH

Michael Meinhardt

An important wheel in the ViCon gear is our product manager and support manager Michael. What do customers want? Where is there still a bit of a hitch? What is feasible and reasonable? These questions are answered by him and he makes sure that the further development of the software always runs in an orderly fashion.

Judith Bauer, Head of Marketing at the ViCon GmbH

Anke Judith Bauer

Our marketing manager Judith and her team always have their finger on the pulse – information is prepared, events are planned and carried out, but also the dialog with our customers is not neglected. Thanks to great creativity and a lot of verve, we also owe our marketing the always fresh and current Internet presence.

Sebastian Grote, Head of Software-Development at the ViCon GmbH

Sebastian Grote

As our IT Operations Manager, Sebastian is responsible for the smooth running of the entire IT infrastructure and manages all services that are accessed not only by us, but also by our customers. He also develops, coordinates and optimizes internal and external IT processes, ensures that systems run efficiently and supports colleagues with technical issues.

Michael Seibert, Technical Editorial at the ViCon GmbH

Michael Seibert

The documentation, help and service portal must also keep pace with the constant development of the software. That is Michael's job – in which he tries to describe even complicated processes as easily understandable as possible and only as technical as absolutely necessary.

Björn Kaup, Leiter der Entwicklungsabteilung bei ViCon

Björn Kaup

Our Head of Development Björn and his team are responsible for the further development of our software. What wishes and expectations are there for viflow? Are they even feasible and if so, when? It's not easy to reconcile the various requirements of customers, partners and colleagues. Thanks to Björn's analytical and calm manner, he manages to keep viflow on track.